What would you like to see in a REST and OData Webinar

What, When and Where I am writing this blog to solicit feedback on a upcoming offering I will be doing, your input will shape the Modules offered & Demos shown. Please chime in by using the comments section. A while back I did a Webinar for SharePoint Videos on BCS and Workflow, there was a […]


Come see my Sessions at IT/Dev Connections in Vegas

Who Good day my SharePoint peeps. I certainly hope you are all doing well and enjoying this summer 2014. In fact if you are currently at Microsoft #WPC event in Washington DC, please lets connect before it ends.  With that out of the way, I [Fabian Williams] will be speaking at IT/Dev Connections. REGISTER NOW […]

Gotcha on SharePoint Designer Workflows in App Step 3

Why write this post? A colleague of mine at work came at me with a problem with one of his Workflows he was authoring in SharePoint Designer 2013 (SPD) against #SharePoint 2013 Server On Premises.  Now before you say “… well that is what you get for using SPD”, he had to use it because […]


SharePoint Saturday DC Chevy Chase 2014 Wrap Up

Today June 7th we had SharePoint Saturday DC in Chevy Chase Microsoft facility. I delivered a Session “The Evolution of Workflows in SharePoint 2013” with a focus on External Data using REST, JSON, the new HTTP Web Call and the Dictionary Object.  This post is to get all the assets from the session My Deck […]

Gotchas working with Azure VMs in Context of SharePoint 2

Précis This blog post will demonstrate some challenges I experienced while trying to set up Search Service Application (SA) in my SharePoint 2013 On Premises environment. My environment was build on the premise of Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) using Windows Azure as my Hosting Environment. The trouble I faced was this: After provisioning my […]



Going to TechEd.Interested in SharePoint.Hybrid.Yammer.Search.OneDrive 1

Yes, I wanted the Topic and URL to have all the Key Topic Areas around my Session. Cheesy, yes I know, but it gets the point across Now for more serious stuff. What is TechEd & why you should care TechEd is a Microsoft Conference for ITPros and Developers that provides technical education value, product […]

Nifty undocumented feature on Office365 on QR Codes in Doc Libs 5

Why write this blog Well, while I was hunting and pecking troubleshooting some work I am doing for a SharePoint Online project I came across this blog post by David Lozzi, while it was not what I needed for my troubleshooting, it did catch my eye. The blog was short and to the point, I […]



Accepted into the SharePoint MVP Program 14

The Journey Some while back, when I was an employee at Berbee/CDW a colleague of mine Joe Shepherd @JoeShepherdMBA was set to speak at a conference in San Francisco, however due to a conflict he couldn’t make it. He floated the idea that I should deliver his session; while I was fully capable of speaking […]

Watch All My Sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014

A few weeks ago I was honored to speak at this years SharePoint Conference held at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I delivered three (3) Sessions which focused largely on: Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint Server On Premises and Online – Hybrid BCS Apps highlighting some of the new capabilities with the REST API, […]


My SharePoint Conference 2014 Wrap Up 4

The Lead Up Back in November 2013 as I was delivering sessions for Andrew Connell @AndrewConnell and Dan Holme @DanHolme at #SPLive, I also got the great news that I was accepted to speak at SharePoint Conference 2014 #SPC14 with three (3) sessions.  This was obviously fantastic news, scary, but I knew I could do […]