Wrap up from IT/Dev Connections 2014

My Session and Role I was honored to be accepted to speak in the SharePoint Track under Scot Hillier in this years IT/Dev Connections which was held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.  I was tasked to deliver two (2) sessions on Workflows, basically one focused on What is new in […]



Invited to speak again at SharePoint Evolution Conference London

Its my honour to accept an invitation to speak again at the most prestigious and SharePoint expert packed conference.  The SharePoint Evolution Conference in London, is by far, with no close second, my favourite conference to be a part of, the experience is well in a word… Epic. There is an All-Star Line up of […]

SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg 2014 Wrap up 3

The Journey First and foremost I have to give thanks to all the Sponsors, Event Coordinators, Volunteers, Fellow Speakers and Attendees that made this event happen. I want to call out and specifically thank Veronique Palmer, Tracy van der Schyff, Alistair Pugin, Bradley Geldenhuys, Bryan Kimmel, Craig Tar, Warren from GT Consult who’s last name […]


What would you like to see in a REST and OData Webinar

What, When and Where I am writing this blog to solicit feedback on a upcoming offering I will be doing, your input will shape the Modules offered & Demos shown. Please chime in by using the comments section. A while back I did a Webinar for SharePoint Videos on BCS and Workflow, there was a […]

Come see my Sessions at IT/Dev Connections in Vegas

Who Good day my SharePoint peeps. I certainly hope you are all doing well and enjoying this summer 2014. In fact if you are currently at Microsoft #WPC event in Washington DC, please lets connect before it ends.  With that out of the way, I [Fabian Williams] will be speaking at IT/Dev Connections. REGISTER NOW […]



Gotcha on SharePoint Designer Workflows in App Step 3

Why write this post? A colleague of mine at work came at me with a problem with one of his Workflows he was authoring in SharePoint Designer 2013 (SPD) against #SharePoint 2013 Server On Premises.  Now before you say “… well that is what you get for using SPD”, he had to use it because […]

SharePoint Saturday DC Chevy Chase 2014 Wrap Up

Today June 7th we had SharePoint Saturday DC in Chevy Chase Microsoft facility. I delivered a Session “The Evolution of Workflows in SharePoint 2013” with a focus on External Data using REST, JSON, the new HTTP Web Call and the Dictionary Object.  This post is to get all the assets from the session My Deck […]


Gotchas working with Azure VMs in Context of SharePoint 2

Précis This blog post will demonstrate some challenges I experienced while trying to set up Search Service Application (SA) in my SharePoint 2013 On Premises environment. My environment was build on the premise of Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) using Windows Azure as my Hosting Environment. The trouble I faced was this: After provisioning my […]

Going to TechEd.Interested in SharePoint.Hybrid.Yammer.Search.OneDrive 1

Yes, I wanted the Topic and URL to have all the Key Topic Areas around my Session. Cheesy, yes I know, but it gets the point across Now for more serious stuff. What is TechEd & why you should care TechEd is a Microsoft Conference for ITPros and Developers that provides technical education value, product […]



Nifty undocumented feature on Office365 on QR Codes in Doc Libs 5

Why write this blog Well, while I was hunting and pecking troubleshooting some work I am doing for a SharePoint Online project I came across this blog post by David Lozzi, while it was not what I needed for my troubleshooting, it did catch my eye. The blog was short and to the point, I […]