Hosting your Docker Solution in a Cloud Provider 1

Précis In this post we will take the solution we now have working from our post here and host it in a cloud provider, in my case I will be using Microsoft Azure, but this can be just about any cloud provider, in fact if you go to Docker Cloud, […]

Renewed as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2017-2018

As the Microsoft MVP Program evolves, current MVP’s are renewed only once per year… July 1, which is coincidently in the business world is the same as the beginning of Quarter 3 (Q3), Half 2 (H2), and beginning of year for Microsoft Fiscal and other orgs, so this is a […]

Getting MSSQL Server for Linux Squared Away 1

Précis This will be a short blog post, in part because while I WILL be communicating with this SQL-Server-Linux Container in Docker, my means of communications will be using Entity Framework Core in my ASP.NET Core application “and” I will be using Code First approach with a ‘endure database’ method […]

Getting Docker Squared away in my Development Environment 1

Précis In this blog post we are starting off the series discussed in this blog post here.  This first volume will cover what it takes to get Docker set up in your development environment. Now this is by no means the ONLY way, this is my way based on my […]

Building a Docker Backend for Xamarin Mobile Development Series 4

Précis While I was speaking at Techorama in Belgium I met up with fellow speakers and MVP colleagues in the speaker room while prepping for sessions I had to deliver.  We sort of captured a table and that’s where all the SharePoint Office Server and Services MVP congregated; often times […]

Recap from speaking at Techorama Belgium

Précis If you have been in the SharePoint space for a while, this conference “Techorama’ that is/was hosted in Antwerp, Belgium may not be familiar to  you…that is because it was mainly a core Developer conference without a SharePoint track… but all that changed this year and it was undoubtedly […]

Preparing for Techorama 2017 Belgium 1

Précis As I get ready to travel to Antwerp to speak at this years Techorama, I wanted to set up a blog post to permit folks to learn about my sessions, any deliverables and to create a dialog ahead of the session, during, and certainly after I am long gone. […]

Reflections on ASPC2016

What is ASPC 2016 and why should you care? ASPC aka Arctic SharePoint Challenge and in this year 2016 is an event in Oslo, Norway at the beautiful Voksenåsen Hotel. To summarize their mission statement, it is an event geared to stimulate collaborate learning, networking and idea sharing through hands-on […]