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How To: Create a Farm Based and Sandbox Based Solution Web Part using LINQ to SharePoint via SPMetal Utility 3

Synopsis In this Blog and in all the blogs i post, I try to re-use my work/efforts; for one, it ensures that the information is grounded, it certainly gives me practice, and more importantly, it demonstrates how SharePoint is modular, and how each part of the Wheel Compliments each other.  […]

How To: Using SPMetal Utility in SharePoint 2010 to “presumably” manipulate data on a BCS External List 5

Synopsis So this blog started out with me trying to prove that can use LINQ to SharePoint via the SPMetal Utility in SharePoint 2010 to gain access to Business Connectivity Services (BCS) External Content Types // External Lists. In plain English, I wanted to use LINQ to SharePoint in as […]