A Honorable Mention from a SPTechCon Participant


On day 3 I started with “Tapping Into your Line-of-Business App with SharePoint BDC” by Fabian Williams.  We went through the various parts of the application definition file, and I learned that if you set up filter descriptors in the app def file, the BDC List web part automatically gives you filter choices.  We also learned that, although you should not do it, theoretically you could write custom actions (custom .net code) to write back into the database.  Again, though, Fabian stressed that the BDC was meant to be a window into the LOB data, and was not for updating the LOB data.


Excerpt taken from:  http://www.akgroup.com/Blogs/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?List=184bd7d7%2D27ac%2D4790%2D98d5%2D74b3d754ee52&ID=71


SPTechCon SharePoint Conference in Boston

by Susan Hernandez, June 24, 2009
I attended the SPTechCon conference in Boston from June 22 – June 24.

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