Creating and Configuring your Sites in SharePoint 2010 – Service Applications and Web Applications Part 1 of 2 1


So far we have installed SharePoint 2010 and we have configured a basic install and configured Enterprise Applications in Installation Procedure for Base SharePoint 2010 Install – Part 1 of 2 and also in this post Installation Procedure for Base SharePoint 2010 Install – Part 2 of 2.  Now we will look at how to create a Collaboration Site and basic configuration techniques as well as pulling back the cover on our Deprecated Shared Service Provider now called Service Applications.

So we will do two things in this post and step into high gear in the second post.

  1. Create a new Collaboration Site
  2. Overview of the new Service Applications (previously called Shared Services Provider [SSP])

In Part II we will

  1. Configure the SSP
    1. Look at User Profiles
    2. Search
    3. Business Connectivity Services (I will be turning this mutha out)


So even though you are in SharePoint 2010 the process to create a new Site Collection is relatively the same with minor exceptions to the types of templates now available to you and the process to get to creating new Web Apps and Site Collections. So first “Click” Application Management in the quick launch section as seen below…


After clicking on Site Collection we will be creating a new site under the Managed Path of /sites…


Notice the new Templates above… yeah.. lots of cool stuff in 2010.  Anywho….the screen shot below demonstrates the creation of the new site along with the services that are running on this server which may be consumed by this Web Application.


Previewing the New Site will yield.


Certainly on item of interest here that I would like to point out is the nuggets now in the Collaboration Site in terms of Document Libraries and Lists now available. One innocuous feature which warrants a blurb here is the fact you can from the web interface ‘easily’ add/modify images local to your computer against a MOSS 2010 site.  The Site Assets Library is where these images will be stored once you upload it to the SharePoint 2010 site. See a complete list of the new Lists and Libraries that are a part of this new Web below.


Looking at you Site Settings is still accomplished by clicking “Site Actions”, “Site Settings” and you will see the new interface and notice the new configuration options under Site Collection Administration, Galleries, etc. below…


For a full gist of what you can do under Application Management see the below two screen shots below. What is impressive is that you can manage what was previously separate in one area by managing both Web Applications, Site Collections, Service Applications  and managing your Content Databases. See Below…



I will do a Web Cast where my actions will be more fluid for the management of sites. Screen Shots here probably wont help as much with the depth of where you can take this animal. So I will leave off with one of the best additions I have seen for the health of your SharePoint Site. Monitoring and Reporting… see below



So looking at the screen shot above and below you can clearly see that there are alot of tools in the bag. I will touch on one aspect in this post because the ability to auto-correct is really impressive.  So to make sure I had stuff to demo, I purposely used fewer Service/Managed accounts for my services and one thing I cant help but it still shows up is also denoted [My database is on the same box as my SharePoint Farm] so take a look below and we will see how to handle some of these issues in my webcast.


Ill end here, but my Part 2 will go in depth into Service Applications (what is new, what is better, what is different) and how to manage your new Web and Service Applications

Hope you enjoyed!

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