Installation Procedure for Base SharePoint 2010 Install – Part 2 of 2

In this Blog we will look at some of the basics to Configuring SharePoint 2010 in the newly designed Central Administration

Below you will see a screen shot where we left off in Part 1 of 2.  You have the option of configuring your farm using a wizard or managing the process yourself.  I opted to use the wizard but before do and you can certainly get back to this window by clicking the link “Configuration Wizards” in the quick link menu Left Hand Pane, but before doing so, we need to create and associate our Service Accounts as we did in MOSS 2007. In SharePoint 2010 you click on Security and then “Register Managed Account”


Create Managed Accounts in order to associate your Service Accounts. Below is an important step in that process. In SharePoint 2007 Best Practice we were instructed to create up to seven (7) accounts such as denoted below. I have included the same accounts however in the configuration of SharePoint 2010, I have decided to employ the same strategy however with the new services that are in MOSS 2010, and the fact you can have your services specialized and targeted, one can employ a nomenclature and provisioning process reflective of that.


So… because this is a single server install and I will be doing it with new bits in 2 weeks, i have decided to use only two (2) service accounts. What is noteworthy is that you can ALWAYS come back and modify the services and service accounts that are tied to your farm. In fact, you can click “Monitoring” and have a health check ran against your model which will pop up in a “Security” category. This will tell you if you are in line with Microsoft vision or adrift. It will also allow you to auto-correct some of your configs.






To create a new Managed Account which in turn will be a Service Account on your Farm you

  1. Click on Security in the Quick Launch Menu
  2. Then Click “Register Managed Account” from the top of the second frame. You will see a window as shown below. Fill it out and click OK. This should be a domain account.


Register Managed Account


Once you have created all the Managed Accounts you will need for the associated services you will activate in your farm. You may elect to run the “Configuration Wizards” from the quick launch menu or manage individually.  I have included below the services that are available; you may check or uncheck the services as you need them in your farm and moreover you may select the accounts you previously configured above as you cherry pick which service want to start under that service account. See below…



After clicking next, you wait till all the new Databases are created. Which is a good point to show the databases were created BEFORE you configured you services (below)




and the databases that are now created after the services are started below…


So up to this point we have configured the Service Accounts, Instantiated Farm Services and in review of the new Databases created as a result. Next blog we will get into managing the New Web Applications that are now present as well as create our first MOSS 2010 Collaboration Site.

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