Using a Regular Content Type with an External List Column as part of its properties then Consuming in MS Word 1

So I love it when my fellow Twitter Colleagues come up with Ideas and I Proof of Concept it in SharePoint 2010, in-fact, I think we should come up with a “Stump the SharePoint 2010 Guys with Beta Bits” gig…

Nick Hadlee (hope you don’t mind me using your name) @nickhadlee had a question “Can #SharePoint External Data columns be included in Normal Content Types or only List Columns”

So we put it to the test…

  • Create a Content Type as you would do in SharePoint 2007
    • Type Document
  • Create a “New” Site Column in the recently created Content Type
    • Site Column is of Type “Lookup Column” – to an External List which contains LOB System Data
  • Create a Document Library which is defaulted to MS Word Document
    • Allow for management of Content Types
    • Add the Content Type we created
    • Open a Word Document from that Template
    • Consume the External List Data from the Lookup Column


So we need to create a new “Content Type” by clicking on Site Actions, View All Site Settings…


Click “Create” for the new Content Type


Name new New Content Type as you would in SharePoint 2007 as above


So.. we cheat here by creating our new “Site Column” and we will do a ‘Lookup’ to an External List…See below for the walkthrough for that.  See the second screenshot below for the link to the External Data List.



Once complete you will notice the Newly Created Column called “NickEmployeeCol” and of type “Business data


Next we create a new Document Library that is defaulted to hold MS Word Documents, we click ‘Advanced Settings’ under General Settings category so we can “Manage Content Types”… nothing new here…


And we go ahead and click “New Document” below to get a Word template


So in the above and below we have a test document library and we are going to use the new content type we created… see below and above


As we did in previous post, we have both the DIP and the ability to consume the External List data from the Quick Parts menu in MS Word.



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