Error/Resolution: SharePoint 2010 Office 2010 when using Connect to Outlook from External List in BCS


After creating an external list of contacts in SharePoint from a LOB System and clicking the Link to “Connect to Outlook” you get a dialog box indicating:

“The Microsoft Office 2010 feature Business Connectivity Services are not installed on this computer…” this is in-fact incorrect as it is installed and functioning. I have my Outlook fully configured and it has my Mysite already in SharePoint lists


Screen shot Below



Proof Positive that the Feature is Installed…



Troubleshooting Steps

I sent an email to Rolando Jimenez from the Microsoft Product Team for BCS and for the first problem we found out that i experienced that error because my browser was in the “Internet Zone” once i moved it into the “Intranet Zone” my ‘initial’ problem subsided

Now I am getting a “Microsoft Office 2010 component has stopped Working” Error tied to the Common Language Runtime on the bcssync.exe… more help needed here




So, thank you Microsoft Product Team for BCS for helping me with this. I wanted to close out our email thread by summarizing how we got here

· All x64 [obvious but just

· Installed WIN 2008 Server

· Installed and Configured Active Directory and DNS, IIS, Server Roles

· Installed SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU2

· Installed SP 2010 Beta 2

· Installed Office 2010,  SPD 2010 and Visio 2010 Beta

· Installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

· Installed AdventureWorks Database for testing LOB systems

So after using SPD 2010 Beta to create an External List I was able to consume it in the browser but when I did connect to outlook I got the error outlined here in my blog

So the steps taken with Rolando’s and Alex’s help ( I will show what worked with excepts of what didn’t inline)

1. After Repair Outlook Failed to fix the issue and After Uninstall yielded the same results

2. I followed Alex’s recommendations below

a. Actually I think I know what’s going on. I suspect the issue is because you have dev10 installed on your machine which comes with a newer version of SQLCE. Unfortunatelly the version in dev10 comes with is x86 only. You need to install SQLCE SP2 x64 from downloads. Here is the link:

b. When I did I still had the same issue but I went one step further

3. I Uninstalled the following Programs and Rebooted

a. SQL Compact x86

b. SQL Compact x64

c. SQL Compact SP1 View and Tools (something like that)

4. I installed the x64 from Alex’s link HOWEVER it told me to installed the x86 first, so I did, and I am up and running with BCS “Connect to Outlook”

Thanks again Rolando, thanks Alex


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