SharePoint Saturday Washington DC – 12/5/2009 – Session on BCS 2


First I want to thank Dux, Usher, and Gino for a well put together SharePoint Saturday today in the DC Metro Area. Despite today being the first Snow Day of the season for the area, I am told we had over one hundred and eighty (180) attendees.  The speaker list was awesome and I tried to attend as much session I could (albeit i had my kiddies with me there today) and I was very impressed with everyone i saw.


I was honored to be there and provide my session below


As requested by the attendees in my session, I have posted my deck for download on SlideShare the code may be accessed from the Blog

Hope you all had fun and learned something!

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2 thoughts on “SharePoint Saturday Washington DC – 12/5/2009 – Session on BCS

  • Mario

    Hi Fabian,

    It would be very kind if you could set up a how to, building a bcs project in vs2010 using a many-to-many relationsship between entities and how to edit the items.

    That would be of great help.

    • fabiangwilliams

      The only way that i have found to do a many to many relationship is to do LINQ to SQL with an aggregated class bringing the many to many into a one to many. I have an exampe but it was in Beta, i need to do it over in RC.. gimme a week.