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Can a Single Custom Action Work Across All List Types – Done in STSDEV, my response to @gvaro WSPBuilder :-) 4

TrackBack:!B06529FD3FC75473!1106.trak So, I too have a good friend, Mark Rackley, and he posed a question to another good friend Geoff Varosky regarding the topic above.  Geoff did a great job answering the question by just tackling the problem straight on.  While that was very impressive, he did so using […]

Creating a SharePoint 2007 Backup Strategy using STSADM commands complimented by Windows Scheduled Task (AT) commands 7

Synopsis: I am on a project where we will have to rely on the out of box (OOB) Backup Strategies from Office SharePoint Server. I am wearing my IT Pro hat, but the developer in me… says when you do something once… Automate it for future use, Blog it so […]

With so many SharePoint Saturdays coming up… the question is which one are you NOT going to attend 3

I strongly encourage all my blog readers to “attend” and where possible to present as speakers at one of these SharePoint Saturdays coming up (see below). It is a FREE event to attend, all you have to do is register in time; the speaker panel is always star-studded, and you […]

More of my SharePoint 2010 Blog Post on the Horizon…

To my fellow blog subscribers out there and people generally interested in my Blog on SharePoint 2010 especially around Business Connectivity Services (BCS), I have been a bit in a lull.  This is in part due to the fact that I have had quite a bit of SharePoint Saturdays and […]