The SharePoint Community Rocks! That’s all I can say – I Love you Guys!

No synopsis this time.. well maybe a little one.

So.. I came home after going out to my favorite clothing store to buy myself a birthday gift (if you buy it, guarantee it is something you want).. anyway… I checked my letter box and to my amazement I saw a letter/card intuitively from “The SharePoint Crew”.. immediately I started to think… whoa this has to be a prank… but to my amazement it is a wonderful gesture from people I am honored to have as colleagues and moreso friends.

Thank you for the card @mrackley @pswider @gvaro, @erickraus @ mosslover @janishall @cwheeler76 @ricknology @joeloleson and from the dude who mailed it @usher

and thank you from everyone on twitter and facebook who extended a birthday wish today, it is very much appreciated.






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