More of my SharePoint 2010 Blog Post on the Horizon…

To my fellow blog subscribers out there and people generally interested in my Blog on SharePoint 2010 especially around Business Connectivity Services (BCS), I have been a bit in a lull.  This is in part due to the fact that I have had quite a bit of SharePoint Saturdays and Conferences since the year started and now that I will be using a release above Beta, I will be limited in what I can release publicly.  In my blogs it is mostly [as I am a visual learner] screen shots or Camtasia videos; and since I am now under NDA again with this most current build, …well u know…

That said, please come out and see me at these SharePoint Saturdays; they are truly worth your time and effort.  From my own perspective, not only do I get to impart a lot of what I know to the greater community, but I sit in on my fellow presenters sessions, and in just conversations with the session participants, I am always pleasantly surprised with what I soak up.  Last week I presented at the SharePoint Technology Conference in San Francisco and what a spectacular event it was.  A great panel of speakers, gracious hosts, and overall a good time.  The next one is in Boston; please register at your earliest opportunity.

So where will I be next; I am doing two sessions at SharePoint Saturday New Orleans [Yes the home of the Superbowl 44 Champions] next week Saturday; if there are still registrations spots open, please sign up. One session is on of course BCS and the other is on Sandbox Solutions (yes Cherie Taylor I know I owe you my session details on Sandbox, you will get it COB today) oh a soap box moment… Sandbox Solutions is the defacto way Microsoft wants you to start building your SharePoint Solutions, why do I say that, well when you start a template, it defaults to what else “Sandbox Solutions”.

Till then… Learn It, Love It, Live It.  and most of all, Have Fun With It!

A little humor before I go…

The pictures below represent just hours before my flight out from DC Metro to San Francisco last week; and no.. no theme song from “The Hangover”.. “you spin my head right round…”


Above… the main street from my house.. I live on a cul-de-sac with one other house..


Above… my drive way that i had to dig out of. First week we had 28 inches, this dumping 15 more inches…


Above… me after shoveling my drive way, I had to shove the (what I hope was just to the middle of the street)…


Above… who was I kidding, I had to shovel the entire street so i could go catch my flight to San Fran.

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