How to Backup Solutions, Sites in SharePoint 2010 Beta using Central Admin and STSADM 5


So the idea here is to prepare to move my work I had in SharePoint 2010 Beta to Release Candidate.  I spent quite a bit of time in SharePoint Saturdays, Conferences, and just figuring stuff out just to ditch it as I upgrade my environment. That said, I wanted to backup as much as i can from my work especially my solutions i created for BCS and the LOB System Databases I used in my Demos. What I will outline below is the methods Out of Box (OOB) that you can use in SharePoint 2010 Beta [hopefully noting much changes in RTM, unless they make it better] to backup your solutions and web apps. I can certainly do this while i build out my next environment which will be after much consideration:

  • A Portable Solution i.e. my IBM Lenovo T61P Dual Core 2.33 with 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 x64 Professional
    • Virtual Box
      • One Host as Windows Server 2008 R2 Core
        • Active Directory
        • SQL Server
        • Some kind of SMTP Server
      • One Host as SharePoint Server 2010 RC
        • Squeeze Every Bit of Service App as possible on it
  • Office 2010 RC
  • Visual Studio 2010 RC

Step 1 – Identify the items you want to Backup/Preserve

I identified the following items to keep as i move forward with the some prioritization

  • Must Have
    • Backups of My Visual Studio Solutions as a part of a SharePoint Solution
    • Backups of my Content Database
    • Backups of my Other Databases for Demo Purposes
  • Nice to Have
    • Actual MDF and LDF from SQL because i am a meticulous person; some call it anal
    • The Solution Folder under My Documents for Visual Studio 2010, so I can have my code source files
  • Everything Else
    • All my files along the way worth saving especially drivers, pictures, sample docs to mess with

Step 2 – Perform the Backups in a few Flavors

Using Central Administration in SharePoint 2010 Beta

The first thin I did was to open Central Admin. For our purposes today we will be working with the “Backup and Restore” section; second column second row


After you click Backup and Restore you have a few options, we are actually going to use both of them so we can get the experience. Obviously that is overkill but this serves as a tutorial for us later on. First we will tackle the Farm Backup and Restore then the Granular Backup


Once you click “Perform a Backup” under “Farm Backup and Restore” you get the window below



First we will option to backup all the solutions we have created and at least have saved thus far in the Solution Gallery in SharePoint


Once you have finished selecting the files; in this case only solutions to backup. We also have a directory configured for the drop spot for for our backup files. We then will click next…


We can Monitor the process by clicking the Refresh Button/Link


We can see the processing is Preparing Below


Now the process is running


Finally, the process finishes…


Once we are done, we can inspect the results. Below you will see the status, elapsed time, and location.


Next we will backup using Full Backup process the Web App and all items for Port 80


See status below…





Below you will see the folders that are created by default when using the OOB tool and “Farm Backup and Restore”



The second option available to us in SharePoint 2010 Beta for backup is the Granular Backup which allows you to do a “Site Collection” backup. We have two SC’s under a managed path that we will backup.


I goofed with the nomenclature here below, but i wanted you to see the error handling now in SP 2010; very descriptive.


Once the SC is identified, you must provide a path and a File Name, unlike the previous method where you had to just determine the folder, here just as in STSADM commands, you must specify the file name.


Below you will see the Site Collections available; we did BCSAlpha first, now we do Charlie…




As you will note below; there is a backup file created for both BCSAlpha and Charlie


Next, just for show I will do the same backup by using STSADM commands. What i found interesting is that the file sizes were different using this method.  You should also notice the “SharePoint Root” folder is now “14”


And now for Charlie….


Next I opened up SQL Management Studio and made a backup of my Databases




There you have it….

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5 thoughts on “How to Backup Solutions, Sites in SharePoint 2010 Beta using Central Admin and STSADM

  • Shahid

    When I try to do the restore from the beta 2 to rc for sharepoint 2010 it gives the error saying that the database is too old and in not supported, something like “Sequence Cannot upgrade to object whose build version 14.0.4536.1000 is too old, upgrade requires 14.0.4730.1000”, even when I try to do the database attach using the sp-addcontentdb on the sp powershell, I get the same error, I am pretty much stuck on moving my content from beta 2 to rc, is there a way ?

    • fabiangwilliams

      I have heard through the grapevine that MS is going to have this done by RTM for early adopters. Until then, it is very spotty. I havent really tried to restore my content DB in the end, I guess i can try and let u know bud… I just started from scratch