Yes! Definitely use the Facebook Social Connector for Outlook – Just make sure you lock down your Facebook 1

Synopsis/Rant/Rave – Call it what you want

So if you know me well, you know that I am an avid blogger, always on twitter, I have my twitter feed my LinkedIn and my Facebook and probably the only thing I don’t expose to the outside is my SharePoint MySite at work. Now with the advent of the Facebook Social Connector for Outlook that you can get here, that opens up a whole new ball game in terms of how connected you are to the folks that you share an email with, or any email chain you find yourself being a part of.  Now, I am all for social interaction using these technologies, I am just warning folks out there that if you think it is a plug and go situation, AND you meet any of the below criterias; your goose may get cooked royally:

  1. Your Facebook Account is left at the Default Privacy Setting
  2. Your Facebook Account is purposely set to be very open “Everybody Access” to all or most elements
  3. Your Friends on Facebook have non-professional statements or well… colorful statements that they post to their wall
  4. People that you may exchange email with AND ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS but their Facebook Profile is OPEN have non-professional statements or well… colorful statements that they post to their wall

Now a flip side to that and the reason I am writing this blog… If you get SPAM from folks [Unsolicited Emails] and you want to know more about that person; and their Facebook Profile is something other than protected, well lets just say “…You can get all up in their business", for good and not so good reason. Take for instance the below.


An Unsolicited Email I received today after Installing the Facebook Connector – and what I could find out about the person

First here is the email…I have redacted most of the identifying information for the person as well as their mind you “Publicly Available” Facebook Information about them and their friends.


So the first thing I did was click on their Album, lets just see what pictures are out there… 


Now I am able to see the persons comments… now maybe there are more Albums out there that are restricted, which is good, but now you have to MANAGE your Facebook Profile Pic because you DO NOT KNOW who’s desktop it may show up on based on:

  • An email YOU sent
  • An email YOU sent that is then FORWARDED
  • An email SENT to YOU and a group of OTHER folks who you may or may not know

well you get where i am going with this… anyway so now I decided to review comments…


and finally, I decided to look at the persons Info, now I also looked at the Wall and I did click on All Friends… but I am not going to put all this guys business on the street although it is again “Publicly Available”. 



Closing Thoughts

This is a brave new world we live in. Facebook in my opinion does not manage its users Privacy very well to begin with; but then again, they make money, and lots of it by partnering/selling to ad agencies via those Apps you so love every day.  It is up to you to be mindful of that fact and manage your own profile as best you can. A professional consultant like me who is always “Client Facing” can get into grave danger [yet again lol] If somone’s Wall Post is visable to a client while i am on-site and the comment is well…offensive or unflattering or.. well you know. Now I would be remised if i didn’t say some Positives about this.


  1. Now you can verify and validate folks from your Outlook before interacting with them
  2. If your kids or other family/associates/colleagues are on FB, now you can see what is going on even while you are at work
  3. You are in the business of aggregating data 🙂
  4. Your business thrives on social mechanisms to promote activities or events at your establishments (Bars, Pubs, etc.)
  5. You want to live like that

And notwithstanding that, of course the Social Connector has benefits to SharePoint MySites, which I promote every single time I am at a client, or speaking at events, or bars, or anywhere you can find me.

My final Edict

Be Ye Forewarned!

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