and with this post my Blog is now back on WordPress 2

Why the move

After two plus (2+) years hosting my blog on SharePoint 2010, I have either missed out on a proper authoring tool that will keep my formatting, properly manage my photo uploads, and most importantly manage my comments in such a way that spam is at least kept to a minimum and provide me with good stats on site interactions.

Why now?

Well why not now? But I think the impetus stemmed from the fact that people still came to my WordPress blog even though it has officially been retired for like 2+ years and the stats have been phenomenal. How do you argue with stats like below, when nothing has been new on the site for some time.


What’s next?

So, over the next days, weeks, perhaps 1 month, i will be transferring the content of my SharePoint 2010 blog ( ) site over to this blog ( ) and for now I will have a HTTP redirect to point folks here if they go to the SP2010 blog, I have 2 years of blogs over there, so it may take some time. 

Theme change? Possibly

And after having this look and feel for that time, i think i may spruce it up with new themes and widgets, but that will come later on.

Upcoming Posts

And perhaps this is one major reason why i am doing this now, I want to blog my experience at the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London UK last week, and I really want to gather comments and feedback, both of which were not possible on my SP 2010 Blog site.


I still LOVE SharePoint, but after looking at the investments MS have put in to its Blog capabilities, which IMO is none… (and Im not talking Social here), its time to go back to a platform that makes such investments.

Chat to y’all soon, Cheers.

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