SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013 Commentary 3

Fabian’s Take…

Like any great story, I will adopt some foreshadowing, in that I will tell you from the onset that, as mindblowingly exceptional as I expected the event to be, it surpassed every expectation I had.  Indeed I was advised, “…pace yourself, each day gets better than the next…” and that advice was given on Sunday before the event kick started by AC @andrewconnell and CJ @LoungeFlyZ over brunch.  By EOD Wednesday, I was enthralled with how Steve @SteveSmithCK Smith, Zoe Watson, and the rest of the Combined Knowledge Team assembled a well coordinated event, AAA+ Speakers, a well versed, knowledgeable, and engaged attendee base. Topping that off, as a speaker… man, believe me when I tell you it doesn’t get better than that, and while I can tell you stories about how good the Speaker Dinner event was, how the Event Social was captivating, its the subtle details like coming back from Speaker dinner to find a shoebox in your hotel suite with gifts and memorabilia to commemorate the event.


Guys, you  did a fantastic job, Aces!!!

The Sessions are Awesome

So, while i cant find any pictures of my sessions, I was so excited to present, that I didn’t ask anyone to take a picture of the room, but hopefully one of my dear speaker colleagues & attendees took one that they can send to me, but for now, Ill showcase Andrew Connell’s session to which I attended, as well as a bunch of other top notch speakers.


and this is just one section filled with speakers ready to soak up knowledge



Can you pick them out… and behind me there were quite a few others as well. Great session by the way AC, cant wait for the blog post. My take away from that session was learning about Durandal and other JavaScript tools are out there to aid the C# Developer who has to now be a master of JavaScript.

The Social and Party Events

Well, you have to be there to experience it, many people have tried to explain it to me, and it was all mindblowing but this year (my first year you must understand) I have been told was EPIC. Ill try to share just a few things here in this post.

Event Social is below


Next Speaker Dinner which started out with a Duck Bus Tour on the River Thames by Parliament and back to our Dinner at the Tower of London.


This was all good, but because of the event of that day Members of Parliament were outside overlooking the Thames and of course, me being me, I waved to say hello, and guess what, a few waved back.. here is the video of that

After that we were scooped away to the Tower of London for Dinner where the place setting would meet Hyacinth “Bouquet” Bucket standards, the meal was excellent the company at the table superb, great place setting gang.

We were met by.. these folks


place setting below


During dinner we were captivated by real live accounts of World War II events by actual members of the armed forces who were present & had the medals to prove it, I forgot what these select few of individuals that are permitted to do this in the London Tower are called [as provided by Mark Stokes they are called Chelsea Pensioners], but as far as I know, there are only 36 of them in the world that have an award they all have, and we had 3 at our dinner. As a former armed forces member, i was so proud to take this picture below




In the last few days I got my Oyster Card, a Map, and took off to discover London, when you find me in person Ill tell you the rest, but trust me when i tell you whether you are an Attendee or Speaker, SharePoint Evolution Conference IS a MUST GO for you. My Slide Deck and Session will be made available via DVD, trust me if i gave it to you now it wont make any sense, because it was mainly DEMOS’ I love Demos as many of you already know.


Till the next time Cheers

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