Addenda to Finally a SharePoint Designer every BA and Dev will Love

Alas, it was getting a bit busy on the blog post to cram so much Information so this Post follows on the 2 that were already done.

  1. Part 1 – Stages, Steps, Loops, and Visio Professional 2013
  2. Part 2 – Put it all together with HTTP Service Calls via REST and the Dictionary Object/ Variable

This post will look specifically at making those REST API Calls in SharePoint Designer 2013 (SPD2013) on Web Sites “other” than SharePoint i.e. those FREE API’s that are out there. This one will use the Free Weather Online API. You can get an account here and get a Key Just for you 🙂

So..What’s our Story

Well we will endeavor to create a Site Workflow that will run every 24 hours and 5 minutes and display using a Promoted List in SharePoint 2013 the Weather Forecast for the specific Office Location in our Fictitious company. Now, I’ve done a presentation at a SharePoint Saturday or two that discussed creating a Custom Action that would take a parameter (text box field) holding Zip Code so one could customize/personalize this Workflow.

We begin by creating a new Site Workflow

As all good post go, we tell you how to start, so Fire up your SharePoint Designer 2013 and connect to your SharePoint 2013 site, this can be On Prem or in Da Cloud. Click on Workflow then New Site Workflow


Next you Stub out your Workflow, this time you should know all of my bag of tricks now to make life easier so I am including as much as possible here below, if you don’t know or haven’t been following the series, take a look at the other two links in the top of this post.


I now do my magic for the HTTP Call, get the Sub-Set of Data I need and then Iterate through the values



Above is the Fiddler Call I use to inspect my results so I know what to put in my SPD2013 Get Item From Dictionary Action, once you have that bit of information, then the rest, you have seen be do before. So…


Basically we make our HTTP call, put it in our data Sub-Set, and Get each individual element inside our loop, the ONLY thing different in this example is that I am doing a Create List inside the loop to add the current record to my Promoted Link List and you will see that later on below.


Once you invoke the workflow it does its job and remains in a Paused state for 24 hours and 5 minutes then runs again. To the user they will see below if all goes well when they view the list or we can have it as a Web Part or App on a page



So there you go, you are now knighted as SPD2013 Workflow professionals, go thee forth and conquer!

So, my good buddy Chris @givenscj Givens, a really brilliant fellow said that doing this series in Visual Studio would be a benefit. I will take a few days to do that, but I promise I will, need to go back to billable work now 🙂


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