SharePoint Saturday Columbus Wrap-up


I want to say a special thank you to all the organizers and volunteers that made SharePoint Saturday Columbus (#SPSBUS on twitter) such an amazing success.  Im sure there are more than I am about to include here so forgive me if I do:

Make sure you follow this team above for more SharePoint goodness from Columbus Ohio. Also a special thanks to all the sponsors, without them, this event would not be possible, you may find a list of the sponsors here

I had a fantastic time, I sat in a few sessions, learned a bit about JavaScript, Durandal, and Knockout, all things I need to get better at, SharePint was a blast, especially when the Buckeyes Play ball 🙂 I am looking forward to my next visit to Columbus. As my blog post asks, Request Me To Speak again please for a SPUG or next event. I made some awesome new local friends, and that is always an added bonus.

Fantastic event guys!!! You guys rock. and Im rocking the speaker Hoodie. thanks for posting the pic @spmcdonough 

Request Fabian Williams

My Session

As with most of my sessions that I do, they are entirely interactive with lots and lots of real time demos. My slide deck is here, go grab it, and remember that most of the demos I do typically have a blog post attached, that way you can always come back to learn more.

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