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Why write this blog

Well, while I was hunting and pecking troubleshooting some work I am doing for a SharePoint Online project I came across this blog post by David Lozzi, while it was not what I needed for my troubleshooting, it did catch my eye. The blog was short and to the point, I did not think it needed any further input but after I tweeted the post which updated my my other social networks, I received feedback from a few folks I know commenting on why is this an important announcement. While I responded to the comment, I felt if one person asked the question, possibly others out there are asking too.

So what is this feature, that is so far as of this post writing ‘undocumented’, well its the ability to now get a QR Code from your document library auto-magically that may be used to direct users to specific content in your SharePoint ECM system.

My Observations

So, if you log into your Office 365 Tennant inside your SharePoint Online, and then go to a document library where you have content, you may see something similar to this below


While your content may be different, you will see an ellipse (the three dots) that can provide more action on the item in question. If you click on the ellipse which opens up a preview of the document you will then see this below


You will notice to the right of the link here is an icon resembling a mobile phone. This is the little overlooked item this entire post is about, because if you click this icon, you will get a QR Code like I have below WHICH actually works if you try it now. Obviously you may not have the credentials to get into my system, but it will prompt you


The Benefit I see

As i said, if you use a Scan App like i do here


you will get taken to the article after being challenged for the login unless you were already authenticated


So, the comment I received was a valid one, and this is from one of my respected SharePoint community colleague that I know personally and that is why I am blogging this


  1. If you are at a Conference or public venue and you have material that you would like to get visibility on without too much hoopla i.e.
    1. Printed Brochure that is now Static and cant be updated
    2. Something Large and Eye Catchy that will drive conversation; basically put up a big sign with a QR Code on it with nothing else
  2. You want your target audience to actually use their mobile device so you may engage them about their device


While I could think of a few more poignant examples, these are two that make sense right now and demonstrate how useful this feature is. So go ahead and try it out!



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