SharePoint Saturday DC Chevy Chase 2014 Wrap Up

Today June 7th we had SharePoint Saturday DC in Chevy Chase Microsoft facility. I delivered a Session “The Evolution of Workflows in SharePoint 2013” with a focus on External Data using REST, JSON, the new HTTP Web Call and the Dictionary Object.  This post is to get all the assets from the session

My Deck 

Videos with Descriptions

1. – Demo Rest End Point up to doing List Creation for a Promoted Links List which you will use later on to consume the External Data

2. – Stub Out Workflow up to creating the initial set of Variables for the Web Call

3. – Working with Stages and the Initial Data Call to JSON Data

4. – Testing your JSON Call and Logging into the Workflow to validate your External Call

5. – Getting the Data out of the JSON payload into a Dictionary Object Array

6. –  Taking the Data from your Dictionary Object Array and doing a Create List Item (into your Promoted Links List earlier)

7. – Test your work

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