What would you like to see in a REST and OData Webinar

What, When and Where

I am writing this blog to solicit feedback on a upcoming offering I will be doing, your input will shape the Modules offered & Demos shown. Please chime in by using the comments section.

A while back I did a Webinar for SharePoint Videos on BCS and Workflow, there was a module that focused on OData which generated quite a bit of interest.  I am now going to be doing a offering on October 1, 2014 on REST and OData – All you want to know about working with Data. I will be focusing on:

  • Creating REST and OData EndPoints
  • Using OData Commands to manipulate Data
  • Using REST via HTTP CRUD Methods and JSON to return and display Data
  • Discuss Consuming Data from SharePoint and the entire Office 365 API Stack
  • Discuss Consuming OData in Microsoft Office Products, SharePoint Apps, BCS, Workflows etc
  • Using Fiddler and other Browser Tools to view, manipulate and troubleshoot External Data
  • Working with External Data in the Context of
    • Cross Platform Mobile Applications
    • MVC
    • Web API
    • Web Services
    • Where and How to Host Data (Local and Azure)
  • Securing your External Data

…and a whole lot more

Who, Why and How

You… who else 🙂 I want to engage you the prospective attendees, folks i know, folks i dont know, interested parties, to chime in and let me know what you think i should add as a topic or demo for this offering. Thank you in advance and please leave me your thoughts in the comments section of this post. Please feel free to share this through all social media channels you subscribe to, the more input i get the better this will be.

Thank you in advance.

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