Wrap up from IT/Dev Connections 2014

My Session and Role

I was honored to be accepted to speak in the SharePoint Track under Scot Hillier in this years IT/Dev Connections which was held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. 


I was tasked to deliver two (2) sessions on Workflows, basically one focused on What is new in SharePoint Designer 2013 as it relates to Workflows


and the second focused on how to use the new HTTP WEB Call Action/Activity to work with external data in Workflows in SharePoint Designer 2013. 


While there however, I covered a session for William Baer for Hybrid with SharePoint and Office 365 with a focus on Search, BCS, One Drive for Business and Yammer for the Enterprise.


I was very intrigued by the organization of the conference, the venue and amenities were spot on, noticeable was:

  • Flat Tables for the speaker rather than Podiums with high (bar style) chairs
  • Bigger Projection screens
  • Power outlets on the Tables for Attendees

In addition to that, the attendees were very communicative, they asked questions, engaged in dialog both during the sessions and in the hallways. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was also encouraged to see and hear the discussion in the Women in SharePoint Panel which was moderated by Cathy Dew; very good discussions and well attended by male and female speaker and attendees


Speaker Activity and Socials

Speaker Room was always packed with speakers from all over the world and varied disciplines. It was great to hear different perspectives from the diverse technologies represented.


In my downtime I enjoyed the awesome corner suite upgrade I got


and spent some time with fellow SharePoint Speakers & Vendors in Cathy’s cabana for a few hours


In closing, as this is a paid event, my Deck is managed by the event staff, however as i told the session attendees, most of my sessions are modeled after blogs posts so if you got to my blog site, you will find examples and code for everything i do. Ping me if you have any questions or comments.

Irie and Tek it easy nuh..

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