My Interview with SharePoint-Videos Webinar on Hybrid

On October 9th 2014 I will be doing/ would have completed (based on when you are reading this blog post) a Paid Online Webinar for SharePoint-Videos on SharePoint Hybrid. This Webinar is titled “Implementing SharePoint 2013 Hybrid for Search, Business Connectivity Services, OneDrive for Business and Yammer” and while it is a lengthy title, you can see it is focusing on SharePoint, Hybrid, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), One Drive for Business, and Yammer. In the lead up to that event, I did an interview with TechnologyAdvice which went into a conversation about what is SharePoint as it relates to these offerings, One Drive For Business, Yammer and BCS.

In speaking with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice we fleshed out what the Webinar is about, what the focus areas are on, and the take away/ call to action, I encourage you to listen to the interview HERE


While I have done SharePoint Conference and a TechEd sessions on Hybrid both of which you can view on MSDN Channel 9 under my name, this Webinar goes into more of the What and Why of doing Hybrid, yes it will focus on the How as well, it is more targeting ITPros, Business Managers and Technical Decision Makers (TDMs) on the value of Hybrid, what you should know BEFORE you embark on this task, what you need to have in preparation for this venture. While the technical implementation is also somewhat difficult, your choices ahead of time and the current landscape of your On Premises environment will shape, for better or for worse, your Hybrid experiences. The goal of this webinar, my goal, is to help you understand the importance of Hybrid as you enter this era of Mobile First Cloud First where your employees, customers, partners demand access to information from all form factors be it phone, tablet, desktop browser, real time and responsive. We will discuss identity, security, phased roll out, sustained hybrid presence and a lot more.

Join me on October 9th 2014, and carry on the conversation there. If you register using the link below you will get 10% off the list price.

Course Details:

Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

11 am – 3 pm Eastern

List Cost: $249.00

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