My PowerShell Scripts for Identity Management in SharePoint Hybrid

The Evolving Nature of SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure

Starting as early as March of this year I have been doing quite a bit of #SharePoint Sessions related to Hybrid, in fact can we even call them SharePoint Sessions anymore? It spans Azure, Office 365, SharePoint Online [albeit a part of O365], SharePoint 2013 On Premises, so as much as @Microsoft is rebranding its new Conference next year, I wonder how much I will rebrand to be inclusive of all the technologies I find myself using as of lately.

Why Read this Blog Post?

Anyway, I digress… recently I did a Webinar for SharePoint-Videos and as a takeaway, I provided sanitized scripts of what I used when creating my Hybrid environment for Sessions I have done in the past. For a listing of those sessions please go to MSDN Channel 9 and you can see them under my name.

So.. I have uploaded my PowerShell Scripts that I use to create the Identity Management Piece of SharePoint Hybrid to my Gist in GitHub. I have added comments to assist you in your individual usage, and of course this was used in a Proof of Concept / Lab/ Demo environment and DOES NOT reflect Production Ready Script. Please refine as you deem necessary to meet your specific environment. They are labeled starting “SharePoint Hybrid- …..”

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