SharePoint Saturday DC Reston Wrap-Up

Want to thank all those who attended my “SharePoint Hybrid made Easy” session today [October 25, 2014]


We had a packed room and quite a lot of great question about Hybrid. We actually had some really animated discussions.. for instance


but in the end, we we able to come to a consensus to what a successful Hybrid Implementation will look like, and more importantly, what actions and thought processes you need to employ even “before” you take your first stab at implementing your Hybrid solution. As i mention in the session, our focus here in this session is to discuss and detail all the up front documentation, identity management, certificate procurement that you need to have ahead of time. Quite often, the approach you must take to do Hybrid is pre-determined based on your existing On Premises topology, this session allows you to determine that before you go too far into our solution.

Please pick up my slide deck here

Thank you for coming, please list any questions or comments you may have below in the Q & A section

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