Upcoming SharePoint Hybrid Discussions with Fabian Williams

For some time now I have been talking about SharePoint Hybrid, I’ve done sessions at SharePoint Conference, TechEd, various SharePoint Saturdays, Webinars for SharePoint-Videos.com etc.  I have three other events that are upcoming that if you are Interested in Hybrid.. you should try to attend.


11/12/2014 (Today) – SP Chat on Hybrid Models with an emphasis on following technologies, Search, BCS, Duet This is a free Chat session.

11/19/2014 – Webinar – Hybrid, Online or On-Premises? This is a Panel Discussion with Mark Kashman and Rob LaMear

12/15/2014 – Planning for SharePoint Hybrid- Soup to Nuts This is a 3 part webinar series

Hope to see you there.

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