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Good Day All, So… I will be doing a targeted and larger session on Azure Mobile Services using Xamarin. The first targeted session will be done at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2015 and the more encompassing session will be done in April 2015 at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference in London. The challenging thing about doing a session like this is that BOTH Xamarin and Microsoft are going through so many changes when it comes to harmonizing how both these two companies products and services will interoperate, in fact, i would not be surprised that what i have envisioned now AND mind you “working”, may have to be adjusted by Q2 2015. That said…

What this Teaser will show you

This Teaser will illustrate albeit at a very fast pace… the following

  1. What Azure Mobile Services is
  2. Where you can find it
  3. How you can use it
  4. How it plugs into Windows, Android, HTML/JavaScript and Xamarin
  5. How it plugs into SQL Azure
  6. Point out the starter “To Do” project it comes with to aid you in your development
  7. How I extended the “To Do” project to make it more of a Social Capture App for friends
  8. The two projects that make up the Visual Studio Solution for an Azure Mobile Services Offering
  9. Opening up Xamarin Studio and showing you the “To Do” sample and making a comparison to my fully extended Social Capture Application for iOS that is in another project
  10. Running my sample in the iOS Simulator and doing CRUD operations

What you will get if you come to my Sessions

In the end you will get the following

  • A full understanding of Azure Mobile Services – know how to use both the portal at and Visual Studio to create an Azure Mobile Service Solution.
  • Understanding what you get with the starter template – the To Do Application
  • Understand how you can create Cross Platform Mobile Solutions
  • Understand how to use Xamarin to Create Mobile Apps with Azure Backend
  • Create, Test, Deploy an actual Mobile App that captures Social Information from individuals and persist it in a SQL Azure Database
  • Use the following built in Out of Box capabilities of Azure Mobile Services
    • Push Notifications
    • Securing your Mobile App with Azure Active Directory Authentication and other Social Auth such as Facebook, Twitter, Google,etc
    • and lots more

SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach Session on 1/10/2015

This session will focus on Extending the To Do Sample and introducing you to Xamarin.iOS. The session will begin by extending the SQL Database Schema, refactoring the Web Service and Client Class/Object to support the extended Db schema, create new iOS Storyboards and View Controllers to permit better navigation and usability for the re designed app. Finally we will test it out and deploy it.

SharePoint Evolutions Session in April 2015

Whereas the Virginia Beach session is introductory, this session will do all the above in a Deep Dive and also include the other OOB Capabilities aforementioned.

See this link on YouTube for my Intro/Teaser

embedded video below

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