What I am looking forward to at Microsoft Ignite

I am a TechEd and SPC Alumni

I have been very fortunate to be an attendee, booth staffer, and speaker at both TechEd North America and SharePoint Conference. This meant going to a multiple conferences albeit separately focused which in an of itself can be a good thing; however it lacked the depth there is in the confluence between IT/Pro and Platform specifics usually garnered at a TechEd and the Development knowledge you will usually find at a SharePoint Conference.

On this note, at MS Ignite I expect to get a unified message across all platforms, and at the same time go into some depth in areas I want to concentrate on. I think that both conferences TechEd and SPC also offered things that made them unique and I hope to see that tradition carried on at Ignite as well. I believe that folks that have never attended SPC or TechEd will be pleasantly surprised with things that are covered in Pre Conferences, Post Conferences, Hands on Labs, Instructor Led Labs and the concept about SharePint 🙂

Convergence of Technologies

In recent years, I have transitioned from a mainly #SharePoint developer to a blended IT/PRO slash Dev with a mastery in SharePoint Hybrid and in doing so I’ve become increasingly proficient at PowerShell and Identity within Windows Server and Microsoft Azure. It doesn’t stop there however, picking up on the #MobileFirstCloudFirst strategy, I have also moved into cross platform technologies with tools like Xamarin and in doing so immersed myself into Azure Mobile Services and Office 365 API Development.

The lines are being blurred in the overall narrative about Microsoft Technologies when it comes to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Share. I also spoke about the Evolution of the SharePoint Professional in my blog post here, and in that post I describe that at least for the SharePoint Developer, you now have to look at other technologies that impact your world. Be it Office 365 API, bringing in Exchange, Lync and other Office 365 Service Offerings, you have these new integration points that can compliment and enhance the overall SharePoint experience. Developers now have to embrace not only these new converging technologies but also Client Side coding and differing form factors like Desktop, Tablets and Mobile.

I expect to see sessions and labs that blend these technologies into solutions to solve business problems, i expect to see business sessions, new architecture sessions and deep dives.

Keep yourself Informed with all the Ignite Updates

Keep up to date by following the official Twitter Handle for Ignite @Ms_Ignite and check out Microsoft blog post on Channel 9 here http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/MicrosoftIgnite/IntrotoSessionCatalog

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