Troubleshooting iTunesConnect Invalid Binary with Xamarin Project

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March 13th, 2015 – Section added at the bottom to discuss Troubleshooting the issue of Converting a Xamarin Application to using the Unified API

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My Issue

Supported by the Xamarin guidance here,_testing,_and_metrics/app_distribution_overview/publishing_to_the_app_store/ I used the App Loader tool (recently downloaded version 3) and uploaded my .ipa file. Everything indicates success but after a few minutes, it moves from “uploaded” to “invalid binary”

I have checked stackoverflow and done a few suggestions ive double-checked all my image files and the build for 64 bit etc. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

My Project is Public on Github

Project – (most up-to-date build is on the WIP branch)

the file is here —

Supporting Images and Explanation along the way

After following the guidance,I have an .ipa file in the below location


Then, I open up Application Loader which i only downloaded a few days ago, it is at version 3 and click “Choose” pick the file and then i get


Then after clicking next it takes some time but get to this below


Then when i click next it ends with a message indicating everything is ok.


Then, I go into iTunes Connect under my App and under Pre Release and I see the below which indicates its uploaded. See build 1.10


Then, after a minute or two, it goes to “Invalid Binary” as you can see below.


Now, there are a few suggestions out there on Stack that say to look over your file, make sure your images are set properly, remove some references to the iPad under bundle config, and also I got an email from apple saying that my app had issues and for me to make sure that i am building towards 64-bit, I checked Xamarin docs and they say to check below, and it seems legit


Here are some other items that may help in figuring this out









Updates for March 13th 2015

After speaking with some good folks Xamarin, who graciously offered to help me with fixing this issue, and also speaking with two great Mobile Devs Alex and Alexey I have made some progress.

Make sure you are using 64-Bit Builds i.e. Unified API

So, it seems that my build, that is the build that comes with the WAMS sample code is not under the Unified API, but fortunately there is a way to convert it. see this post here about upgrading your solution. The problem that i have now is that while i can take out and replace the WAMS assembly quite easily and the project recognizes it and is ok with that, the SQLitestore is not that simple. I am trying to figure out how to get that seen under the Unified API

So, we go about removing the WAMS assembly, but you cant do that without removing SQLLiteStore because it is a dependency


and we now have this


So now we need to figure this part out


This is for a session I am delivering in London in April at the Evolutions SharePoint Conf, this app is all done, tested and working, I just want to wrap this up by having my audience members use it in my session. This also is my continued evangelism of the Xamarin product & its workings with Microsoft Azure and Office 365. All this work is public, showcasing all the ins and outs of doing a project using the workloads of Azure Mobile Services. Any help in sorting this out is greatly appreciated.

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