Thank you Xamarin for the honor of the MVP status

I am honored to have been awarded the MVP status for Xamarin in this recent rotation.  Since I found out about Xamarin as an option in Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) through Microsoft Azure, I recognized that this tool would give me an entry point into mobile development with a faster rate of adoption over learning Java for Android, Objective-C or SWIFT for iOS and my favorite friend Smile XAML for Windows. Now I can use the C# I know and love to do just about anything for all three of the most popular platforms iOS, Android and Windows, better yet, I can write code once and use it across all devices with up to 95% code reuse in Xamarin.Forms.

If you are/were like me and trying to get better footing into this #MobileFirstCloudFirst world, I would encourage you to look at Xamarin if you are a C# Dev, or other solutions like Apache Cordova both of which now ships natively with Visual Studio 2015 and try it out against WAMS for some real rich data driven apps you can crank out in literally hours. The plugin library, components store and Git Hub Repos that are out there are phenomenal, your learning curve will be shorter than you imagine.

As I continue to speak about Xamarin and learn about all the things that can be done, I post stuff on my blog here and on my github here, please check them out. I also tweet about these stuff and more like Microsoft SharePoint, Hybrid, Workflows, BCS too.

To see the list of MVPs for Xamarin this rotation, go here


Thanks again Team Xamarin.



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