Renewed as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2017-2018 1

As the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Microsoft MVP Program evolves, current MVP’s are renewed only once per year… July 1, which is coincidently in the business world is the same as the beginning of Quarter 3 (Q3), Half 2 (H2), and beginning of year for Microsoft Fiscal and other orgs, so this is a great way to start it off. This award, the MVP award… is very prestigious, it rewards those in the community that gives freely and tirelessly of their time, their hard earned knowledge to the technical and business community.  Its not uncommon to find MVPs laboring on the weekend to learn new technology, and also standing up at a podium dispensing this knowledge.  To be frank, I love doing this, I love it for a variety of reasons:

  1. In order to remain valuable and competitive in my professional space, I love being on the cutting and at times bleeding edge of technology, and when I do learn something new and exciting, you will usually see a barrage of tweets and blog post about it
  2. Einstein once said and I am going to paraphrase here.. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” and in that vein, I speak at a few conferences doing exactly that. I become better at what I do by explaining it to others and doing demos. As a consequence, folks attending my sessions ‘I hope’ leave with more valuable information than they came in with.
  3. Meet other experts in domain specialty that I am not familiar in. This one cannot be over stated, I firmly believe that you cannot be a “Master” at everything. People are ‘specialized’, I am specialized. I love Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure and its offerings, Xamarin Mobile technology, and as of lately Docker.  I understand that this is only a microcosm of the length and breadth of information out there and I am honored and thankful to know other experts out there some of which are MVP’s like myself who impart this knowledge openly and freely. As an example, @andrewconnell recently was the one who introduced me to Docker and I have been on a learning binge ever since. He and other folks in the community have encouraged me and help me out when I am stuck or just in my quest for more information.

I say all of this to emphasize, I really am honored and humbled to be a part of this Microsoft MVP community, I don’t take it lightly, and I am proud to share this award with other experts in this program. Thank you @mvpaward #mvpbuzz


To all the new and renewed MVP’s, I will see you at Ignite and/or Summit soon.  Congratulations to you all!. Well Deserved!!

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