SharePoint Conference 2018 Recap – SPC2018

Key Take-Aways from SharePoint Conference 2018 Recap – SPC2018

I loved my time and experience at #SPC18 in the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas. I won’t even pretend to be objective in this blog post. I welcomed the return of a SharePoint conference, and while I get the idea and intent of Microsoft to combine Microsoft Exchange (MEC), SharePoint (SPC) and TechEd under one roof called Microsoft Ignite, I’ve always felt it was too much. In addition I thought Developer content and material was not as much as when we had a dedicated SharePoint conference. Most importantly, the community; SharePoint in my opinion and from what I have observed has always had the most tightly knitted community of speakers, the most inclusive and the most welcoming, this was evident from the attendees you saw at the keynote and feedback on social media.

SPC2018 Keynote

It is for all of those reason why I am so excited that I was able to be a part of the conference and I look forward to SPC2019 that was announced.

What I found Amazing

Without a doubt what got the most shock value was SharePoint Spaces and the demo that Adam Harmetz did showcasing the features.  Bill Baer laying out the flow of the flow of the conference, Jeff Teper energizing keynote and the news of Copy and Paste List with Excel really was eye opening and reminiscent of SPC Days of Old where we left with a feeling of euphoria about the SharePoint announcements and roadmap.


My time at the conference was short as i immediately had to leave to speak at the Techorama conference in Belgium, but for all that I saw I was really pumped.  

Notables I read or heard about 

My focus in my current role as Practice Director at Withum Digital formerly Portal Solutions is in Business Process Management and Automation (BPM & BPA) so the news around Microsoft Flow was received with some enthusiasm. The takeaways I found most interesting were

Sharing of Flow to Office 365 Groups 

Previously you could only share with (1) Individuals in your own tenant or (2) Security Groups. What was announced at #SPC18 is now the ability to Share Flow with Office  365 Groups

Add a List as a Co-Owner of a Flow

Here is a scenario to make this concept sticky: Imagine you have a flow running on a list but you want to get data from another list (aka a lookup) which would basically be a “Get-Item” here is what now will happen: That list is now an Owner and YOU GET THIS FOR FREE… everyone on that list that has edit access ALSO now have edit access to that Flow. 

Updates to SharePoint Connectors

There are two (2) new capabilities and I am really stoked here because one of the two items here is (1) a tiger for when an item or file is deleted (think Event Receiver) and 2) an action to send an HTTP request to SharePoint. In other words or better explained… when you work with FLOW you have a Trigger and then you have an Action, the trigger here is an item is deleted, the action here is you can use a RESTful method to take some action. That is very cool. 

Image Analysis in SharePoint Online

As a big fan of Azure Cognitive Services, I use it all the time and in fact I did a session at this conference “Working Smarter not Harder with Flow and Cognitive Services” and I am very excited to see this move. Basically you are getting the Vision API to evaluate pictures uploaded to SPO & what I imagine happening is that metadata can get populated immodestly based on the payload from the API call which determines what that image is evaluated to be. 

Here are a few others i have in bullet points that are also worth mentioning that may be self explanatory

  • SharePoint 2019 is slated to be GA in Fall of 2018
  • Row formatting is coming to lists
  • Communications Site comes to SharePoint 2019 as well as 
  • Team News
  • Modern Team Sites
  • SharePoint Home
  • Next Gen Sync Client


Before this conference, I have often said that the ONLY developer conference left for SharePoint or Office 365 Developers was //Build.  I can say now that with SPC coming back, I am going to quote one good quote from Steve Balmer from SPC 2009 SPC “Developers, Developers, Developers” at my own risk 🙂 

I was fortunate to deliver a session at this SPC18, I hope to be back delivering more sessions at SPC19 along with attending some of my colleagues sessions as well. Learning takes no sides, and I know it will be full of great content and fantastic speakers. 

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