Azure Functions at ESPC 2019

ESPC with a dash of Azure

I am happy to be back at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) for this 2019 and I am looking so forward to coming back to this conference this year in Prague to share my knowledge and experience in what I believe to be a remarkable additional tool in Developers bag for creating solutions for both On Premises and Cloud efforts. In this session “Triggers and Bindings – The Lifeblood of Azure Functions” I will speak to and demonstrate how this simple handshake of doing something so simple of invoking an action and getting something back on a variety of targets and destination is so mind-blowing and will promise Devs quicker time to market and actually getting back to solving problems rather than configuring environments and dev rigs.

Why is this so Important?

Lets just take a look at a few scenarios I was able to come jump with and I will be sharing in my session? 

Fabian Azure Functions Example

Fabian Azure Functions Example

Just take a look at what we are able to do here with Azure Functions

1. Receive an Image from Azure Blob Storage that originated from a Phone’s camera

2. Use Azure Cognitive Services Entity Recognition endpoint to OCR the information, parse that information and then

3. Use Sendgrid to send an email with a formatted vCF contact file then

4. Send that target information to Microsoft Teams, MailChimp, Saleforce.Com for starters

Join me on Wednesday 4th December for my session: Triggers and Bindings – The Lifeblood of Azure Functions 

Azure Functions is in part build on the idea of input and output bindings This make it very efficient to connect your functions to a variety of external resources. You will often find that your function has a need to post a message to a queue, or write a file to storage, or send an email, bindings can greatly reduce the amount of code that you need to write to achieve this. With the latest version of Azure Functions, we have various ways to achieve this and a variety of data stores, SaaS, and entities that support one way and two-way bindings. In this choc-ful demo session we will see how to work with them individually as well as chaining them together to build a holistic solution.  

Benefits of Attending this Session:  

  • Entry point into Cloud Development Technology  
  • If you are managing developers, this offers a new method of development using C# and traditional server-side code for cloud development  
  • Work with Event driven triggers and bindings in order to respond to web events and write back to a variety of cloud data stores 

I hope to see you there! 

For those of you who haven’t been before, or are thinking of attending, ESPC is a really fun, welcoming event with a big focus on the topics and learning. It brings together an amazing group of speakers, sponsors and delegates, including Microsoft Leaders, Product Team members and leading community RDs, MVPs and MCMs, so we can all help each other achieve great things with SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure. 

This year ESPC has launched “Azure @ ESPC19”. Hear directly from many of the world’s leading Azure experts and master your Azure skills by receiving the very latest Azure knowledge and innovation across 2 keynotes, 5 full day tutorials and 40 in-depth sessions. View the full Azure @ ESPC19 programme here.

In ESPC’s own words, here’s some more about what makes the conference special and why I’m super excited to attend. 

Reasons to Attend ESPC19 

  • Focus – 4x days of SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure inspiration, a real chance to dive deep into the topics, to get away from the office and think, learn and enjoy time with your peers. Within the Conference Programme Azure @ ESPC19 will also contain over 40 dedicated Azure sessions. 
  • Scale – The conference programme covers 11 Full Day Pre-Conference Tutorials, 140+ sessions, 2500+ peers to help you meet your objectives. 
  •  Depth – Catering for levels 100-400, deep-dive sessions delivered by Microsoft Product Team members, RDs, MVPs, MCMs and independent experts who can tailor the appropriate levels of detail. 
  •  Breadth – Keynotes, Sessions, Tutorials and Social events. Sessions will provide learning on important topics including; Teams, SharePoint Framework, AI, Security, Graph, Power BI, Azure AD, Flow, Cosmos DB, Windows 10, APIs, IoT, Microsoft 365, Governance and Integration to highlight a few. Pre-Conference Tutorials will offer deep learning from the absolute experts in the areas of PnP, Machine Learning & AI, Azure Infrastructure, Insights and Data, Usage & Adoption, Productivity and SharePoint & Office 365 Development. 
  • Independence – Learn what’s coming and what works. 
  • Partners/Vendors – Meet the best local, European and international solution providers in the Exhibition Hall. 
  • Microsoft – Hear it first. Held in December, ESPC19 will have the most up to date learning and the very latest announcements from Ignite 2019, delivered by Microsoft Leaders and Product Team members, including Jeff Teper, Scott Hanselman, Miri Rodriguez, Vesa Juvonen and Alex Simons.   
  • Setting – Amazing venues and location that facilitate comfort, ease of learning and bringing the community together. 
  • Connections – Multiple opportunities to connect with your peers, people facing or solving the same challenges you face. 
  • Experts – Simply, the best of the best. Check out this year’s ESPC19 Conference Programme. 

If you are planning to attend, don’t forget, you or your team can use my coupon code ESPC19SPK to receive a special €100 discount

Isn’t this worth coming to see? Let me know in the comments an if you want to see more. 

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