Announcing the retirement of this blog

Not gone but not updating

Hello to all that visit my blog Thank you for all the years of coming back for content.  For a variety of reason that I have discussed in my NEW BLOG SITE here A New Day – Fabian G. Williams ( I will cease to publish here moving forward.  The GOOD NEWS, I will not be removing this blog or its content because it gets a fair amount of traffic and there are certain posts that I have on SharePoint that have had the same tremendous consumption and interactions since the day I posted it.

I will however be blogging at moving forward. Please hop over there for content that is more inline with my current role at Microsoft and the technology stack that I am move aligned with now. My interest will also extend beyond Microsoft Graph, I’ve been a huge fan and proponent of the below tech stack and you can expect to see content around those topics. On a personal note, I am also now a volunteer (still on my state certification journey at this time) EMT and Firefighter and I plan to blog content about that journey as well.

Tech Stack Break down

The demarcation line I have set in the blog post here A New Day – Fabian G. Williams ( follows the below.

  • SharePoint On Premises
  • SharePoint Online
  • BCS
  • Workflows
  • Azure Functions
  • Xamarin

  • Microsoft Graph
    • Graph Connectors
    • Graph Data Connect
    • Graph Blueprints
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Search
  • Developer Azure Topics
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for everything, I would not have continued doing this without all the support I get from the community and readers like you.

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