SQL Server

Why it pays to have Smart Friends to Encourage you

Why write this blog post? Sure its late and YES I could be rotting my brain away on the Idiot Box, but what started off as a Taunt by Ram turned out to consume my life for 2 days straight but with useful results, challenges that were overcome, and a […]

How To: Configure and Consume Kerberos for use in SQL Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010 Part1 3

NB. In an effort to make this page load better I am breaking this Blog up into Parts, this is Part 1 Part 2: – Configuring Service Applications, Sites, and Verifying our Work Part 3: – Configuring and Executing Search, Using Web Parts and Communicating Securely across Web Applications with […]

How To: Use SharePoint 2010 WebParts with a GridView Control to get SQL Image Data type and other Values 5

Recently I was faced with a challenge Render a LOB System Data in SharePoint. Datatypes include an Image (BLOB) , char and int Provide a means to filter by Last Name Initial Approach So as all professionals we should ‘Strive For’ the solution that can be done Out-Of-Box before trying […]

How To: So you have a GUID in your External List huh, Yes you can Update the List… if you set it up right 4

Synopsis:  I fielded a question on MSDN again and it peaked my interest because it had to do with of course BCS. The stated question was an issue when trying to update an External List when a GUID was present.  So I setup a new table, created a… well you […]

How To: Create, Configure, Consume SharePoint 2010 Secure Store in Business Connectivity Services 79

Synopsis: I have seen quite a bit of confusion out there regarding how to use Services for SharePoint 2010 Secure Store.  While MSDN does have interesting articles, there has been no Alpha to Omega process that shows the relationship to the LOB System, Security Groups representative of the BCS Consumers, […]

How to Backup Solutions, Sites in SharePoint 2010 Beta using Central Admin and STSADM 5

Synopsis: So the idea here is to prepare to move my work I had in SharePoint 2010 Beta to Release Candidate.  I spent quite a bit of time in SharePoint Saturdays, Conferences, and just figuring stuff out just to ditch it as I upgrade my environment. That said, I wanted […]

Using SharePoint Designer 2010 to surface data in External Lists through Business Connectivity Services SharePoint 2010 4

  Part 1: Surfacing Data through SharePoint Designer – No CODE! yes, i said it, NO CODE! Part 2: Surfacing the same Data through Visual Studio – Yes we will crack the seal and Code Away Part 3: Consuming the Surfaced Data in Outlook Applications and other User Interfaces   […]

SQL Server 2008 Installation Guide

SQL Server 2008 Installation Guide My Environment Server: Windows Server 2008 [Spun up on a VPC with 1.5 G RAM] on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61P with 3 G RAM The Build Pre-Requisites · To see the Hardware and Software Requirement please visit http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143506.aspx#EE32 · In my environment I had already […]