SharePoint Saturday Baltimore 2015 wrap up

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at SharePoint Saturday in Baltimore Maryland.  My session was a phrase that I coined when I was delivering my part of an all day Pre-Con at Microsoft Ignite this year.. it is “Hybrid is the new On-Prem”.  This theme about Hybrid is something […]

Xamarin.Forms – Basic Stuff to WAMS Expert–Part 2 2

Series Part 1:  Part 2: this post Prep Work and Catch Up Now that Part 1 is complete and we have seen how to create a simple Xamarin cross platform application with some customized navigation elements its time to put some business use cases behind it by coupling it […]

Xamarin.Forms – Basic Stuff to WAMS Expert 3

Précis This blog post as with all my blog post not only tells a legitimate use case but it also provides training aid not only to myself but to all that visit my blog site.  This post will look at Xamarin as a technology for Mobile App development as well […]

My SharePoint Evolution Conference London 2015 Wrap-up 1

As we settle back into work mode, we look back on the week of April 19th and for those of us fortunate to have been at the SharePoint Evolution Conference hosted by Combined Knowledge in London, United Kingdom between last Monday through Wednesday, we witnessed and experienced quiet a lot.  […]

Troubleshooting iTunesConnect Invalid Binary with Xamarin Project

<whypostthis>I am trying to get help in StackOverflow but because I do not have a 10 reputation, I used stack much, I cannot add more than one hyperlink and i cannot add any images</whypostthis> StackOverflow link –  Begin Updates March 13th, 2015 – Section added at the bottom to […]

My recommended way for ALM in Mobile Development 1

Scope and purpose of this blog post Hallo Hallo, this blog post may seem random at the time I am posting it but in short order you will also be seeing blog series i am doing for SharePoint Pro Magazine, be sure to check it out and all my other […]

What I am looking forward to at Microsoft Ignite

I am a TechEd and SPC Alumni I have been very fortunate to be an attendee, booth staffer, and speaker at both TechEd North America and SharePoint Conference. This meant going to a multiple conferences albeit separately focused which in an of itself can be a good thing; however it […]

The evolving nature of the SharePoint Professional 2

  Premise I sat back today after sending my final client email around midday thinking about all the stuff I did in 2014 in support of my profession and how much of what I did related to the previous year (CY2013) and what I envision the next year to be […]

Azure Mobile Services with Xamarin Session Teaser

Lead In Good Day All, So… I will be doing a targeted and larger session on Azure Mobile Services using Xamarin. The first targeted session will be done at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2015 and the more encompassing session will be done in April 2015 at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference […]

Reminders and TakeAways for SharePoint Hybrid

Why write this Post Last Updated: December 9th 2014 While I do have some resources spread across the ‘Interwebs’ on Hybrid especially as I deliver sessions and webinars, I found myself with a unique opportunity as I prepare for my latest SharePoint Hybrid session coming up on December 15th 2014.  […]