Business Connectivity Services

No Code SharePoint BCS solutions with Workspace 2010 & Outlook 2010 & SPD 2010

Synopsis: I have not done a blog in a while on SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and as I prepare for my next SharePoint Saturday (Arabia), which will go into BCS from a SPD 2010 perspective I wanted to add some additional tid-bits on SharePoint workspace for people unfamiliar with […]

How To: Using SPMetal Utility in SharePoint 2010 to “presumably” manipulate data on a BCS External List 5

Synopsis So this blog started out with me trying to prove that can use LINQ to SharePoint via the SPMetal Utility in SharePoint 2010 to gain access to Business Connectivity Services (BCS) External Content Types // External Lists. In plain English, I wanted to use LINQ to SharePoint in as […]

Video How To: Create a Multi Master Relationship with SharePoint 2010 BCS External List using SharePoint Designer 2010 2

Synopsis:  In this video webcast I am doing the following: Using multiple (two) disparate LOB Systems Two Independent SQL Server Databases Separate Security Model No Explicit Relationship between data elements Using two External Content Types in SPD 2010 Using two External List in SharePoint Creating a Site Page to establish […]

Come out and See Me [Fabian Williams] at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach on Jan 9 2010

Just Added as a speaker for SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach. I am looking forward to sharing the podium with my distinguished SharePoint community experts and evangelists.  I will be presenting on my favorite topic… Business Connectivity Service and I promise… I will not run out of time this go around. […]

SharePoint Saturday Washington DC – 12/5/2009 – Session on BCS 2

<Thanks> First I want to thank Dux, Usher, and Gino for a well put together SharePoint Saturday today in the DC Metro Area. Despite today being the first Snow Day of the season for the area, I am told we had over one hundred and eighty (180) attendees.  The […]

Creating a SharePoint 2010 External Content Type with CRUD Methods using LINQ and a SQL LOB System 52

Synopsis: First, this lab builds on an article I saw on MSDN regarding SharePoint 2010 External Content Type which discussed how to create an External List using Business Data. I noticed that they showed methods for the code but showed no foundation or a Use Case, nor did it discuss […]

SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services Teaser with Multiple External Content Types surfacing in One External List 4

This is my first attempt at a webcast with Camtasia bear with me… In this teaser I am setting the stage of what we have already built and what we will be doing… to download the Podcast version click here or directly on page .  

Consuming the External Content Type through SharePoint Designer in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Follow up from: Connect To Outlook: SharePoint External Content Type with SharePoint Designer and SQL LOB System Part 2… Consuming the External Data List Columns inside Microsoft Word 2010 through Form Fields Synopsis In this blog we will demonstrate the following: Reading and Updating LOB System Data surfaced as an […]