Office 2010

Connect To Outlook: SharePoint External Content Type with SharePoint Designer and SQL LOB System 1

Part 1… Consuming the External Content Type through SharePoint Designer in Microsoft Outlook 2010 Part 2… Consuming the External Data List Columns inside Microsoft Word 2010 through Form Fields Teaser…Extending @ToddBaginski blog where he creates a .NET assembly connector and an External Content Type    Synopsis In this blog […]

Error/Resolution: SharePoint 2010 Office 2010 when using Connect to Outlook from External List in BCS

Synopsis After creating an external list of contacts in SharePoint from a LOB System and clicking the Link to “Connect to Outlook” you get a dialog box indicating: “The Microsoft Office 2010 feature Business Connectivity Services are not installed on this computer…” this is in-fact incorrect as it is installed […]

How To: Work around for opening Documents from MOSS 2007 Libraries in Office 2010

You may experience issues opening documents direclty from libraries using Office 2010, here is a work around to the error below: Solution:  set up a fake proxy ( in Internet Explorer with an exception for *.*.  Still don’t know why this works, but it has allowed me to actually check […]